Accidental Badass

S3E4: Field Guide to Badassery: Navigating Rejection Fatigue

October 3, 2021

Do you have a threshold for how much rejection you can take in a day, a week, a month, or a year? Have you ever noticed what your mind and your body feel like after years of being turned down or turned away from things you wanted? I call the culmination of rejections and the mental exhaustion that goes with it "rejection fatigue." 

In this solo episode of the Accidental Badass podcast, I'm talking about rejection fatigue and how to navigate it. I talk about how to simultaneously put up walls while letting your guard down as well as pondering how other people cope with what can sometimes feel like constant rejection. The podcast wraps up with the idea that embracing rejection fatigue and being aware of its impact is one of the most badass things you can do for yourself. 

Enjoy the episode and be sure to check out the Accidental Badass Podcast website to learn more

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