Accidental Badass

Badass Guide To Beauty

March 8, 2021

What does it mean to be beautiful? 

Is it as simple as our outward appearance, or does it go deeper than that? In this episode, Janis Isaman and I talk about what it means to be beautiful...and our answers may may shock you. We also talk about body positivity, social conditioning, cultural acceptance, and why everyone seems to be so hell bent on the way we look. 

Learn more about Janis and the work she does at My Body Couture

Be sure to check out Janis' piece on body insecurity on Elephant Journal, 4 Easy Steps to Take Back your Power & Overcome Body Insecurities

If you liked what you heard today and are interested in being a guest on the accidental badass podcast, be sure to head to and submit your story for an upcoming episode. 

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