Accidental Badass

A badass approach to finding — and leaving — your dream job

December 1, 2020

What happens when the job you’ve dreamed about turns out to be a nightmare? In this episode, I’m talking to Mark S. about what it was like to finally get his dream job, only to leave it shortly after once he realized it wasn’t what he thought he wanted. 

Listen in as we talk about baseball, marketing, and the kind of bravery it takes to recognize that life really does begin outside of your comfort zone. We also discuss the organized chaos that accompanies major life shifts as well as the kinds of lessons learned along the way. 

For recent graduates or those contemplating a career in marketing, be sure to listen through to the end as we talk about skill stacking and why it’s important to your career, no matter what route you take. 

Enjoy the episode and be sure to rate, review, and subscribe. 

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